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15 Best Hollywood Film Shooting Locations [Top Attractions]

Hollywood Film Shooting Locations

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A good movie has the power to take you from your seat to the scene. It makes me want to go on an international adventure. From entire cities to small hidden gems off the beaten path, Hollywood tends to choose unique and luxurious locations when venturing out of the backlot. Check the list of Hollywood film shooting locations, pack your bags and head straight to the infamous big-screen spots!

Hollywood Film Shooting Locations

When we watch Hollywood movies, it’s not just the cast of characters that connect with us. Where this whole story takes place also influences our thoughts. So, if you’re a movie fan, we’ll introduce you to Hollywood film shooting location you’ll want to visit at least once in your life!

1. La La Land Location: filmed in Los Angeles

La La Land Location: filmed in Los Angeles

Described by the producers as a “love letter to LA,” this award-winning musical was filmed in more than 40 locations around the city. These include Burbank’s Smokehouse Restaurant (where Mia found Sebastian’s piano skills), Cassie’s Corner on Mount He Hollywood Drive (Lovely Night, where the duo sing and dance), and Hermosa Beach. There is also a lighthouse café, so this is no doubt one of the most visited among other Hollywood film shooting locations.

2. Black Panther: filmed in Busan

Traditionally, big movies like Star Trek Beyond and Bourne Legacy all take place in Seoul. It was a big deal when Marvel announced that Black Panther would be filmed in South Korea’s second-largest city no other than Busan. The specified locations included the Jagalchi Fish Market and the scenic Gwangan Bridge.

3. Jaws Location: filmed in Massachusetts

Jaws Location: filmed in Massachusetts

More than 40 years ago, back in the summer of the year 1974, “Jaws” captivated moviegoers. Aspiring director Steven Spielberg’s production, which dealt with air-powered prop sharks and seasick actors, was considered the first-ever summer blockbuster. The famous Jaws filming locations, has gained extreme popularity. Over the years, Martha’s Vineyard has become a favorite summer destination for the rich and famous, but it retains its cult-movie legacy.

4. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Location: filmed in Montauk

Since the film’s release nearly 15 years ago, many shots have been lost. Montauk’s Plaza restaurant is gone, as is Clementine’s filthy Williamsburg apartment. Still, movie fans can’t help but think of it if they ever visit the beachside suburb of the Hamptons. . This is where Clementine whispered to Joel that they would see each other for the last time before her memory faded.

5. Inception: filmed in Nijo Castle

Inception: filmed in Nijo Castle

Most of Leonardo DiCaprio’s psychological thriller takes place in people’s subconscious minds, but the locations are very real. The staff and cast visited six countries on four different continents to film Nijo Castle in Kyoto, and the Nijo Castle also males one of the most famous sets for Hollywood films and also acts as a famous tourist spot for beinf thr Inception shooting location.

6. Forrest Gump Location: filmed in South Carolina

Forrest Gump Location: filmed in South Carolina

Lets face it, when the Forrest Gump released, we all rushed to our nearest theatres and watched it over and over again. This is one of the reasons why the various Forrest Gump filming locations, have gained steady fame. Many of Forrest’s youthful scenes in the fictional town of Greenbow, Alabama, were filmed in South Carolina between the little towns of Yamasea and Beaufort. The roadway where a high school bully picked up Forrest in his truck is at 3547 Comba Hero Road in Yamasee, South Carolina.

7. The Talented Mr Ripley: filmed in Ischia

 The Talented Mr Ripley: filmed in Ischia

The beautiful island of Ischia, just 40 minutes from Capri, is off Naples’s coast. Once the hydrofoil docks at Ischia he Porto, it’s a 20-minute walk to the 12th-century Aragonese Castle. Here Matt Damon’s Ripley gets off the bus when he arrives at “Mongibello.” The original 1960 film was also shot in Ischia’s chic and stunning Port of Sant’Angelo.

8. Green Book: filmed in Tulane University

Green Book: filmed in Tulane University

Although Green Book is essentially a road movie set from New York City to Pennsylvania to Memphis to New Orleans, Green Book was primarily shot in Louisiana. Locations in Louisiana include The Clover Grill, home of a hot dog eating contest, and the International House Hotel.

9. The Shining Location: filmed in Oregon

The Shining Location: filmed in Oregon

The Shining is a horror drama produced and directed by Stanley Kubrick. Based on the Stephen King 1980 bestseller named the same title. It Starring Jack Nicholson, Shelley Duvall, Danny Lloyd, and Scatman Crothers. Struggling writer and alcoholic Jack Torrance get a job as an off-season janitor at a haunted hotel. The film is considered one of his best horror films of all time. The opening scene of The Shining was shot in Glacier National Park, Montana in the US. The dicrector used Timberline Lodge in Oregon for the exterior of the Overlook Hotel.

10. Mary Poppins: filmed in London

Follow in the footsteps of the sugar-spreading, super-Kala-breaking nanny played by Emily Blunt in the 2018 sequel. Thr Mary Poppins film releases were all iconic and so were the Mary Poppins shooting locations.East of the city, Blossom Street and Fleur-de-Lys Street are both picked for their Victorian detail, with stops at other sites such as the Bank of England and the Royal Exchange, and the finest at Banks’ House on Cherry Street Lane.

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11. Mad Max-Fury Road: filmed in Namibian Desert

Mad Max-Fury Road: filmed in Namibian Desert

The barren and dramatic sand dunes of Namibia replaced Australia for the filming of the very appreciated and infamous four parts of Mad Max after the first three parts were shot more locally. Initially set to be shot in Broken Hill, distinctive rainfall turned the barren landscape into a strangely lush backdrop, not definitive for the post-apocalyptic wasteland they were aiming for.

12. Magnificent Seven Location: filmed in Mexico

Magnificent Seven Location: filmed in Mexico

The dusty desert plains immortalized in Sturgis’ masterpiece are Mexico, where filming began on March 1, 196 I’m on stage. There are several locations south of the border across the country, and one of the primary Magnificent Seven film location is Sonora in southern Arizona and Morelos near Mexico City. While much of the view of the film’s frontier captures the harsh reality of the region’s scorched wilderness and vast scrubland, some of the filmings also took place on a dedicated set. This included a stint at Churubusco Studios in Mexico, and it has become synonymous with similarly sun-kissed landscapes on David Lynch’s sets.

13. Home Alone Location: filmed in Illinois

Home Alone Location: filmed in Illinois

Kevin McAllister’s stunning red-brick family home, the same one two novice burglars attempted to loot, is the stunning mansion in the wealthy Chicago suburb of Winnetka which became one of the most famous Home Alone movie locations. Remember the attic where Kevin was sent to sleep? It’s actually an attic with two large suites and storage space. The filmmaker used the house itself for the brick façade, but the film also used interior shots of him in his living room and grand foyer staircase.


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